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Preparing for Your Newborn Photo Session

We’re honored to become part of your newborn’s early days. We believe in capturing these precious moments in the serene comfort of your home. To ensure a smooth and memorable experience, here are some guidelines to prepare for your upcoming at-home session


Try to time the feeding so your baby is finishing their meal as we arrive. A content and well-fed baby typically results in a peaceful, sleepy baby, which is perfect for our session. There will be time for top-up feeds and cuddles during the session, so don’t worry.


Dress your newborn in a simple, easily removable outfit. Outfits with a zipper are a great choice as they cause less disturbance for your little one.


As we’ll be conducting the session in your home, we want to make sure your baby is comfortable. We recommend turning up your thermostat a bit as your baby will be undressed for part of the session.

Personal Touch:

While we bring some props, we invite you to incorporate any personal items you’d like included in the photos. These items add a unique touch to your baby’s portraits.


Our at-home sessions typically last between 2-3 hours, which allows for feeding, changes, and plenty of comforting.

Morning Sessions:

We schedule our sessions in the morning, before your baby’s second nap. This tends to be the time when they’re at their sleepiest and most content, allowing us to capture those beautiful, peaceful images.

Baby Focused:

The focus of these sessions is primarily on your newborn. If parents or siblings will be involved, we’ll include them towards the end of the session. We kindly request that pets and siblings stay in another area during the session to minimize interruptions.


Babies are very sensitive to the energy around them, so it’s essential for everyone to remain calm and relaxed. Our goal is to create a tranquil environment for your little one.

Our mission is to create a stress-free experience and produce beautiful, timeless images that your family will cherish forever. We value your trust and look forward to meeting your little one. Should you have any other questions or special requests, please feel free to get in touch with us.